What are the best ways to raise my credit score?

To have a good credit card score and also to maintain it is not a very easy thing to do and takes time also. The most advised ways to raise a credit card score are to manage the debts in a wise way and also to stay organized with your finances. Good habits with respect to the finances in the best way to increase credit scores. One can follow certain tips to raise credit card scores. One should have their credit scores and the credit reports. There are many credit reporting agencies and one should get their credit reports annually from these companies and that also free of cost. One should get their credit score and also their credit reports from these companies. After getting the reports one should analyse them carefully and find inaccurate information. The reports contain a lot of information on the card holder and at times it is possible that all of it is not correct. Around 20-25% of these reports possibly have an error and thus it is advisable to check them when you get it. The errors can occur because the company can mistake you for somebody else or it can also be a case of identity theft. When you find certain discrepancies in the data you should check with the authorities if they have mistaken you for someone else. You should get your full name and social security number checked on these reports. Another thing to be checked and verified is the address. These errors are the ones which have to be rectified immediately without any delay. Besides personal information the reports can also have wrong data with respect to your payments and other financial information about your accounts and cards. A dispute should be raised with the credit agencies in case such information is found inaccurate in the reports. You should send them letters with copies of letters and documents to support your facts. Once the agency corrects the information after investigation get a free copy of the correct report. Another good way to increase credit scores is to start paying the bills in time and not close old accounts and pay the old debts before that. Late payments always affect the credit scores and have a bad effect on them. Thus, by following certain easy tips one can increase their credit card scores.